Lisa Vincent

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  • Biography

Lisa Vincent’s artistic passion is in making vintage style new and making new styles vintage, re-imagining the familiar, mixing unexpected elements and seeing how well they can get along. “What I love most is seeing how every creative endeavor of my past plays a part in what I do now.  As in life, every creative effort is a lesson that comes full circle.”
Lisa’s journey began at an early age when her passion for “experimental creation” was quite evident. It didn’t matter what she had before her, whether it was her mother’s makeup, good table linens, a plate full of peas, or even the nearest mud puddle. Everything around her had potential and possibility to serve as her media and canvas.  Lisa never denied her curious nature and need to experiment with different materials and surfaces. “My greatest desire is for my work to not only speak to you but to do so in an unexpected way.”

Proud to call herself a ‘self-taught artist’, Lisa’s background in visual merchandising, design, faux finishing and murals has lent to a successful career as a decorative painter and professional artist for more than 20 years.