Linda Todd Buikema

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  • Biography

Growing up on the coast of Florida, Linda spent many childhood hours doodling exotic bugs and flowers in the bright blues, yellows and pinks of sunshine and water.  Her world expanded at the age of six, when her great grandmother, Nana, introduced her to sewing.    Rather than creating doll clothes, Linda began cutting out the colorful squares of fabric from Nana’s sewing box to glue onto drawings of fat cats, girls with pig tails, and boys with fishing poles.  These were her first collages.  After years of formal training in art, Linda returned to painting and collaging in the whimsical, primitive doodle style of her youth.  These lively paintings can be found in happy homes all over the world. 

“I continue to paint in the bright, happy colors of my Florida childhood, adding in the raw umbers and burnt siennas of Texas, where I live with my writer husband and a three legged cat, sharing our garden with a herd of white tailed deer.”