Jenaya Jackson

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  • Biography

Jenaya Jackson was born an artist.  With regards to her future, there was no doubt in her mind that art would be her career of choice.  From the moment she picked up a pencil at the age of two, Jenaya knew she loved art and all that I encompassed.

Her love for creation posed as inspiration for her to begin oil painting.  ‘Once I picked up a brush, I never looked back’.  She learned as much as she could about colour and texture in her early years, and once she entered University she began to study art history and the great painters of the past.

Jenaya’s love for the outdoors continues to stimulate her mind creatively.  She is continually drawn to vibrant colours and heavy textures that she creates visually by using oil paints and thick brush strokes.

No matter where she is or what she is doing, Jenaya knows she will always see life for it’s potential to be a moment captured by her paintbrush.  She will always be an artist.