Chad Barrett Bio - In His Own Words

Posted on 10/17/2013

Chad Barrett is one of Art In Motions most successful artists. His timeless style resonates with art lovers and designers. A Chad Barrett painting just seems to make any room a special place.

In his own words, Chad talks about what inspires him:

“I draw inspiration for my paintings from a wide range of subject matter.  Old illuminated manuscripts, 17th-century Dutch still lifes, turn of the century portraitist, mid-century fashion illustrations, vintage ephemera and the golden age of 19th-century botanical and natural history illustrations.  I use all of these influences with an artistic imagination to create work that has a vintage appeal with a fresh modern sensibility.  Even though my subjects may change, I like to think of my work as continuous studies.  You'll find in my pieces, drawings, diagrams, composition plans, notes, color swatches and other elements, all used to compliment the main theme. I use water based paints, charcoals, graphite, pastels and gold leaf on paper or wood.  I tend to work very thinly, building images gradually through layering.  I tirelessly search for the perfect combination of form, color and texture.  I hope my works are seen as elegant and thoughtful, and possess a timeless quality that makes them easy to live with and enjoy.  I love what I do and hope to bring as much joy to the viewer of my work as I experience making it.”