Wild About Leopard

Posted on 9/16/2013

Animal prints are not a new trend in home décor. They come and go every few years and are currently all the rage in both fashion and high-end home décor for fall/winter 2013.

Every few years we get a new take on this wild trend. Fall 2103 animal prints feature an explosion of traditional leopard print in its natural tone.

Leopard print exudes luxury. Every since it first hit the fashion scene in 1925 when starlet Marian Nixon was spotted in a leopard coat walking her pet leopard, this glamorous trend has never been off our radar. 

Leopard print can be used as a neutral in a space to create a pop of glamour and luxury. Layer it through out the room in small doses to create interest.


It’s easy as a few pillows, a fabulous accent chair or a throw. Instant luxury!