Debi Starr

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  • Biography

     Expressive, energetic and ever-changing describe the work of contemporary artist, Debi Starr. Debi has been a creator since she was a child and has always thought outside the box. Her creativity is limitless.

     Debi Starr’s creative passion led her to Houston’s High School for the Performing and Visual Arts and then to The School of the Art Institute of Chicago to pursue her artistry and expand her horizon. However, after two years, the blustery winters blew Debi back to Texas. She earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Houston Baptist University along with a degree in Art Education. She has successfully built her reputation and career as a fine artist and an art teacher. She has been a gallery and studio owner, shown work in other galleries and establishments and immerses herself in the Greater Houston Area artist community.

     Debi Starr’s original paintings grace the walls of many homes and businesses in the United States as well as internationally. Debi’s paintings are vibrant and expressive in nature. She is diverse in style, subject matter and mediums. She uses acrylics, inks, watercolors, metallic powders and epoxy resin. Her work is constantly evolving and reflects where she is on her journey of life. The unusual combination of materials encourages the viewer to take a closer look. Debi Starr may be driven to capture an emotion with the stroke of her paintbrush, explore the contour of a figure, focus on the folds of a blossom or portray an expression. Whatever the painting may be, it is evident that the artist has put a piece of herself within her creation.