Mehek Shuja

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  • Biography

     Mehek Shuja is a self-taught artist driven by the passion to use various mediums and techniques to create aesthetic pieces for wall décor. As a child, Mehek was always inclined towards drawing, painting, as well as embroidery. She used her summer vacations as a perfect time to polish her art skills. Although Mehek graduated with a degree of B.Sc. in Accounting and Finance from the University of London, her love for painting compelled her to take it more seriously. With encouragement from her husband, she started to invest time into something that she felt extremely passionate about. Mehek loves to work with watercolors and enjoys the uncertainty surrounding the medium, especially when used wet-on-wet. She also uses texture-based acrylic mediums to work with a palette knife and create abstract pieces of art that have a story behind them. For Mehek, painting is a euphoric experience and every bit of learning new techniques and experimenting with different themes is extremely enjoyable.