Dorothea Taylor

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  • Biography

Born and raised in Wisconsin, Dorothea discovered her love for drawing at an early age. She is equally inspired by the beauty of nature as she is by the curve and flow of letter-forms. Some of her artistic influences are vintage art deco prints and travel posters as well as lush impressionistic paintings and beautifully intricate patterns.

She received her B.F.A. in Graphic design. Working as a graphic designer/illustrator all of her adult life, she developed an affinity for digital art and the power to create and manipulate images digitally. Her formal training is traditional, so she enjoys sketching, drawing and painting but she finds that the art of combing mixed media digitally lends itself to unlimited possibilities.

Dorothea currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia where she owns and runs an award winning design studio by day. Drawing on her keen sense of design and composition, she enjoys the freedom of creating art on her own terms by night. “I want to create images that move and inspire or strike a chord with the audience.”