Patti Mollica

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“My goal as a painter is to point out the hidden artistic essence in all subjects and scenes, and objects, most especially the ones that are not commonly thought of in an artistic light. “
Patti Mollica has been a professional illustrator and fine artist for over 30 years. She has been commissioned by, and is included in the private collections of American Express, Sheraton Hotels, CBS and RCA Records as well as Penguin Press and many others. Her artwork is known for its fearless use of color and uninhibited brushwork. She delights in painting the world around her in a bold, decisive style, with hues that are intense, brilliant and contemporary. Her depictions do not attempt to idealize but rather to take the ordinary and unveil its underlying artistic essence.
 Patti has won prestigious national awards in fine art and is represented by several galleries in the U.S.  She has authored books on painting and color theory.  Patti lives and works with her fellow-artist and jazz musician husband in New York