Cameron Duprais

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  • Biography

Cameron Duprais has an exceptional way of transforming historic sculptural figures into new works of art. By focusing in on sculptural details with an archivist's eye and by adding modern elements, these collections breathe new life into stone figures.

Born in western Canada to European immigrants, Cameron was raised in old world traditions. "I was first exposed to the art and architecture of the old world during summer vacations spent visiting my grandparents in France. This sparked my ongoing fascination of the art and history of my European ancestry."

With a passion for everything historic, Cameron studied Museology, becoming a curator. This resulted in extensive travel to organize various exhibits while conducting research in the area of sculptures and objets d'art."

Now, with Paris as home base, Cameron is surrounded by inspiration, good food and wine, extensive antiquity collections and Venus de Milo, Cameron's miniature daschund.