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  • Biography

Sunflowerrman is a creative force from Grand Rapids, Michigan. Headed by illustrator Matthew Miller, Sunflowerman has taken four years of creative immersion in Atlanta and a Lakeshore upbringing to give the world a fine-art fashion experience.

Sunflowerrman is a design agency focusing on Men's Fashion Illustration for Business-to-Business work and product design for Consumers. Beginning in Atlanta Sunflowerman began illustrating portraits of local gentlemen dressed in dapper uniform. From there the work grew out to boutique aesthetics with clients like Q Custom Clothier, H. Stockton and Trio Custom Clothier.

Sunflowerrman has been illustrated and iterated for years. A character that began on a whim took form. Friends participated in the discovery of who Sunflowerman would be. Through High School and through University the name stuck and the name grew. The name Sunflowerman often evokes thoughts about super-heroes and super-powers. People want to know what he stands for and why he exists. I can only say that Sunflowerman is a symbol for joy and a desire for community. 

"What is born is a passion for people. People are interesting and worth while. People wear clothing, People invent culture and People are beautiful."