Daniel Padilla

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     Daniel Padilla’s extraordinary paintings capture the essence of life through his unique treatment of light and dramatic use of color. He is intrigued by both abstract and representational elements that he incorporates in his designs. His elegant compositions usually represent physical or imaginative places, often from dreams. He delights in creating works that capture emotional energy and spiritual light. Inspired by his love of music, Daniel uses long, expressive brushstrokes to create his passionate works of art.

     Raised in Santa Rosa, Texas, Padilla began creating art at a very young age. Encouraged and supported by his artistic family, he excelled early on. He won his first award at only 12 years old.  He received numerous awards for his talent throughout college, and earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of Texas- Pan American in 1994.  Padilla began his artistic career as a high school art teacher in Houston, Texas. He moved on and took a 1 year contract with Carnival Cruise ship out of Miami as an art auctioneer traveling to many amazing destinations.  In 1998 he finally decided to take the plunge and opened his own art gallery in Houston, Texas, DNM Art Group. The gallery was moved to Dallas in 2008 and was renamed Padilla Gallery. 

     Padilla has exploded onto the art scene from the very start of his professional career. He has become a major player in the field of art with major shows including the International ArtExpo in New York in 2001, the International ArtExpo in San Francisco in 2002 and the Highpoint Furniture Market in North Carolina in 2014.  Always evolving, he continues his artistic journey working on custom projects with interior designers and special clients.  His gallery is going strong in Dallas and is looking forward to many more years of creative energy and originality.