Matina Theodosiou

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  • Biography

I was born in Athens, Greece and raised in Canada, and the influences of the old and new world have always been present. These influences have inspired me to create images that blur the line between photography and painting, modern and classical, reality and illusion. 

I attended the school of art and design at Sheridan College as well as the Ontario College of Art. In my third year, I studied fine art in Florence, Italy. After graduating from art school, I decided my creative future lay in the field of the decorative arts.

Working in the textile and wall covering design industry in both Italy and Canada, made it possible for me to acquire skills through designing and exploring texture techniques, pattern and colour, along with my ongoing interest in photographic medias.

I truly enjoy developing and exploring new ways of combining and layering the different elements of texture, colour, innovative techniques and various medias to capture a kind of magical realism, a moment that transcends time.