Nature’s Artwork

Posted on 7/7/2013

Going for a walk in the forest can open your eyes to a world of possibilities— creative possibilities.  Take leaves for example, one of nature’s most intricate pieces of art.  They are lush and green in the spring and summer, colorful in the fall, and then eventually make their descent to the ground.  If they are not raked up and taken to the trash (or god forbid attacked by a leaf blower!), they are left to decompose...and that can happen in the most beautiful fashion.  In the right climate leaves will not become too brittle and crumble, they will stay moist enough for the lamina to fall away exposing just the mid rib and veins.  And there you have leaf skeletons!

Please browse Booker Morey’s artwork on our website-- his pieces feature a variety of elegant leaf skeletons.