Well Traveled

Posted on 8/15/2016

The world is wide open for capturing ideas & translating them into the latest art and home decor products as Artists & Designers get inspiration from around the globe at the click of the mouse.

This season's new global look celebrates the artisan. Layering textures and patterns from different corners of the world: Africa, Morocco, Turkey, Middle East, India and South America this well traveled look's most important feature is craftsmanship. Handmade aspects and vegetal-dyed products that are imperfect and unique have an authentic artisanal quality that is most prized.

We find more consumers seeking out traditionally made products in different handcrafted techniques than ever before. This has been proven in the food industry resulting in the explosion of artisanal food and beverage manufactures and now more than ever we see leaders in the home decor industry incorporating handcrafted elements into their designs.

Tribal inspired prints have become standard in the design world over the past several years. The use of these historic designs with fresh, bold interpretations is what is exciting about this new global look. For our Fall/Winter collection I directed our artists to work in traditional techniques with a focus on natural dye palettes, mixed and muted metallics and plenty of texture. A key word was simplicity as each artist was challenged to create art that would compliment today's typical North American interior.

Below is a taste of some beautifully interpreted global images from our next collection to be released this Fall. I hope you enjoy!




Deborah Merlo

Art Director with Art in Motion since 2006