Happy Floral Trend

Posted on 7/12/2016

One of my favorite trends this summer season is the happy floral trend.  Cheerful and uplifting you can find these feminine florals gracing items across all product categories.

A key trait of the happy floral trend is the hand-done look, which gives each image it’s uniqueness and helps to forge a connection between the consumer and the artist.  The bright colors work on lightening our mood and before we know it we are transported to our own personal happy place.

Color has always played a staring role in the home décor industry. It draws us to products and stirs our emotions. If those emotions are good ones those products are purchased and become part of our homes.

It’s in the science: researchers at the University of Essex in England found that vibrant reds and pinks increased confidence and lifted depression, while shades of blue made the participants feel calmer and more relaxed.

Color can also affect memory, mental agility, reaction times and even our physical strength. Participants who were shown brighter hues scored higher in tests of mental agility than those who were exposed to dull shades of grey. Hand-eye coordination and physical strength also increased when participants were shown vibrant colors.

The approach to the happy floral trend this season was to have artists choose their own personal happy colors.  As it turns out we are pretty happy with what our talented artists created and excited to see what products they will inspire!

I invite you to view the full collection from the New Monthly Releases section on the home page.

Deborah Merlo
Art Director with Art In Motion since 2006