Paws for a Purr-pose

Posted on 4/15/2013

A fabulous art event comprised of elegant art pieces showing the creative side of the pets we so dearly love…


The Texas Human Legislation Network (THLN) and AIM artist Allison Gregory has teamed up for a year long art event this year. The top 50 artists from the Lone Star State were chosen to paint various fiberglass molds of dogs and cats. This prestigious list of artist includes Gregory and AIM artist and art director, Blakely Bering.


Bering brings to AIM 15 years of experience in the wall décor industry. Blakely has her own distinct style that can be seen in over 75 corporate collections around the country, but she is also constantly creating and redefining what is decorative art. She began art directing 5 years ago and the demand of her time lead her to close the gallery and art direct, paint, and consult full time.  “Art should be fun and life is too short, so you should buy what you love and want to look at everyday”  This is the attitude Bering brings to the team, along with new looks, trendy styles, a blend of fine and decorative art, and getting AIM  involved with charitable events like Paw for a Purr-pose.


The fiberglass molds are life size and include different breeds. The cats and dogs will be put on view throughout Houston for a three month exhibition of “Paws for a Purr-pose” and be displayed at prestigious museums, universities, five-star hotels, lobbies of corporate headquarters, and high end retail establishments.  After the exhibition, the fine art pieces will be sold at the “Paws for a Purr-pose” VIP auction this November. The majority of the proceeds will benefit THLN’s mission to promote the humane treatment of animals through legislation, education, and advocacy. It is because of THLN that animal cruelty is a felony in Texas, dog fighting is illegal, and large scale commercial breeders (puppy mills) are now regulated and inspected in Texas. More information on THLN and “Paws for a Purr-pose” art event, please check out